Bubbles for body, mind and spirit.

Unsweetened, organic sparkling waters made with tea & botanicals.

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"Palate stimulating flavors."

"Combining unsweetened organic teas with sparkling water is a stroke of genius."

"So refreshing you may never crave a sweet soda again."

An adventure in bubbles.

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Sparkling Water


12 Cans - $32


Cinnamon & Hibiscus Tea

12 Cans - $30

Sparkling Tea


12 Bottles - $38

Rose Tea

with Lime & Cardamom

12 Bottles - $36


Lavender & Ginger Tea

12 Cans - $30

Blood Orange

Vanilla & Black Tea

12 Cans - $30

Green Tea

with Grapefruit & Mint

12 Bottles - $36


Lemongrass & Green Tea

12 Cans - $30

Yerba Mate

with Citrus & Hibiscus

12 Bottles - $36


with Vanilla & Elderflower

12 Bottles - $36

Better bubbles for body, mind, and spirit.

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Tea & Botanicals

We combine the sweetness of botanicals, the heritage of tea, and the energy of bubbles to make a sparkling beverage unlike the others.

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Always Organic

Our flavors might be fun, but we take ingredients seriously. We use only Certified Organic and Non-GMO tea, botanicals and fruit extracts.

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Never Sweetened

We believe that by using high-quality, organic ingredients in thoughtful ways, unsweetened drinks can taste better than the sugary ones.

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Fizzy, free of junk, full-on flavor. For real. Fizzy, free of junk, full-on flavor. For real. Fizzy, free of junk, full-on flavor. For real.

Sound was born from the desire for a better tasting, more exciting unsweetened beverage. Sparkle on through citrus groves, herb gardens, and tea ceremonies. Your happy place awaits.

Our Story

We’re on a mission to make sparkling drinks that taste fantastic - and give you peace of mind. Our secret? Tea, yes. Sugar, never. And as for artificial flavors - do you even have to ask?

Why Sound?

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