Sparkling Water


12 Cans

Whether you love them all already, or want to try them all for the first time, our sampler is the way to go!  You'll get 3 cans each of our four flavors.  

Botanicals to ground you. Bubbles to lift you. Botanicals to ground you. Bubbles to lift you. Botanicals to ground you. Bubbles to lift you.
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Tea & Botanicals

Crisp, refreshing sparkling water combined with unique tea and botanical blends.

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Always Organic

All of our drinks are Certified Organic and Certified Non-GMO.

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Never Sweetened

We don't use sweeteners of any kind — no sugar, stevia, monkfruit, or any of those other ones we can't pronounce.

Two ways to sip:

Sparkling Water

Our sparkling waters are light and crisp with the bold flavor and unique notes of organic tea, herbs and flowers. They’re fruit-forward, with hints of steeped botanicals and a burst of bubbles that’ll keep your taste buds on their toes. Caffeine or no caffeine, our recipes have been carefully crafted to keep you in flow from sunrise to sunset.

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Sparkling Tea

Imagine your favorite unsweetened tea now imagine it with the refreshing bite of a sparkling water. Our sparkling teas are a dynamic, full-bodied, and completely unsweetened treat. With a variety of caffeine, they’re the perfect swap for that afternoon kick, or relaxing “drink” at night.

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