The Sounding Board.

A collection of credible voices.

We believe that health is happiness, and that what we put in our bodies matters. With so much noise and misinformation within "wellness" these days, we rely on (and look up to) those trustworthy voices within the community — looking at you Nutritionists, RDs, Functional Medicine Drs, personal trainers, etc. You not only help us amplify the mission and vision at Sound, but provide us with invaluable feedback and well-researched advice for what you'd love to see (or not see) from us as we grow. That's why we've recently launched The Sounding Board — our new collective of credible voices within the wellness community.  

How it works

What You'll Receive:  

We'll send you product samples + additional information about Sound, plus confidential information about new flavors and products before we share with the rest of the world.

Receive a custom discount code to share with your community and clients (and you'll get a commission on purchases!).

What We'll Ask of You:  

Participate in quarterly Sounding Board meetings (virtually!) to discuss new flavors, product concepts, health/wellness trends, partnership opportunities and more!

Whenever it feels relevant, help us spread the word about Sound to clients, friends and other members of your community.

Want to learn more about Sound?