The Weight of Sugar
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the facts

How much sugar are we really consuming?

Short answer: a lot more than we should.

17 tsp

How much sugar the average American consumes in one day


the ADA

6 tsp

The amount recommended by the ADA

The largest source of added sugar in the average American diet is Sugar Sweetened Beverages.

And it's not just soda. This also includes many juices, iced tea, sport & energy drinks and coffee beverages. Tht Majority of Americans drink one Sugar Sweetened Beverage a day.

Not all beverages are built the same. Curious about the sugar content of popular beverages? Here is a chart of some common choices and how they measure up.

Sugar Content

Various Beverages in Common Serving Sizes

Sugar Sweetened Beverages may be the lead source of added sugar in the typical American diet, but there are lots of other products where it typically sneaks in.

the impact

Myth: Sugar makes you feel more energized, happier.

Truth: Excess added sugar has been linked to a greater risk for symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. In fact, excess sugar is associated with a greater risk of mood disorders, anxiety, depression and dementia in adults. People eating a processed food diet - rich in sugar, poor in whole foods - have been shown to have a 58% increased risk for depression.

Your brain on too much sugar:

Myth: Probiotics are really the key to gut health.

Truth: Probiotics play a super important role in gut health, but there is more to the story than that. Too much sugar can actually disrupt the health of the bacteria in our gut, leading to dysbiosis, which is linked to inflammation.

Myth: Sugar doesn't impact your oral health as much as your gut health.

Truth: The mouth is the start of your digestive system, so they're all connected! Eating too much sugar actually increases the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which in turn increases the risk of inflammation.

Myth: Sugar intake and hormonal acne are not related.

Truth: Eating lots of excess sugar not only spikes blood sugar, but also testosterone levels. Testosterone is the main hormone behind hormonal acne!

the endless cycle

We know it’s a good idea to cut back. Why is it so hard to?

Sugar is addictive.

Sugar activates a release of the feel good hormone, dopamine. It also activates opiate receptors in our brain, which makes us crave more of it.

Endless Cycle

of Sugar Consumption

It’s everywhere.

One study recently found that soda is in nearly 30 locations in an average grocery store. But it doesn’t stop there, from salad dressings and condiments to cereal, yogurt, granola bars and “healthy” snacks, forms of sugar sneak into almost all packaged foods.

Number of locations

Soda is found in an average grocery store

Confusing messaging on what is healthy.

Even foods and beverages with labels like “healthy”, “natural”, “low fat”, “lite”, “organic”, “green”, “No GMO”, “conscious”, “vegan” can all contain added sugar. The only way to find out is by looking at the nutritional label.

the fix

Gratefully, there are brands that make better-for-you options of classic foods that include added sugar.

Here are a few of our favorite swaps!

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