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The Guidelines, and how do we define "added sugar"?

Some sugars are naturally occurring (like those found in fruit or even plain yogurt), and then there are added sugars — often refined and processed sugars that are added to a product to sweeten it.  There are many, many alternative words for sugar but here are some other words for sugar that often pop up on ingredient lists: honey, molasses, evaporated cane juice, cane sugar, brown sugar, agave, fruit juice and sucrose. For this challenge, we're steering clear of added sugars. So let's set some ground rules:

  1. Steer clear of sugary beverages. That includes juices, soda, and sweetened coffee & tea.  
  2. Check for "added sugar" on nutrition labels. Stick with whole, real foods as much as possible like fruits & veggies, whole grains, nuts and beans. When buying foods in a package, check the nutrition label for added sugar (like in this example) & steer clear of those with it. Scroll to the bottom for a list of alternative words for added sugar. If something is sweetened with fruit or dates for instance, since these are whole real foods, we're saying this is a go!
  3. You may be wondering: what about artificial and natural sweeteners? For this challenge, we're saying nay to any artificial sweeteners (i.e., sucralose in Splenda). Natural sweeteners are OK here & there; that would include monkfruit and stevia. Nevertheless, we want to keep them to a minimum also and here's why.
  4. And what about alcohol?  Beer, wine and cocktails often have some form of added sugar, but not always — and rarely will you ever see ingredients listed on beer or wine labels, which makes things especially tricky. Because of that, we're taking a "sweetened until proven otherwise stance" and recommend significantly curbing alcohol and avoiding anything that's obviously sweetened. 



Want to geek out on every topic imaginable when it comes to sugar? Or are you more into the cooking demo, fitness class, meditation real life-experience route? Or maybe both?! We've partnered with some of the most incredible experts in the space to host exciting webinars throughout!

Mark your calendars people — just click the scheduled time below to add! 

Kelly LeVeque
Kelly LeVeque

Blood Sugar Balance with Fab4 Smoothie Demo.
January 10th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST
Simone de la Rue

Simone de la Rue:
Body by Simone Class
January 11th at 9AM PST / 12PM EST.

Jesse Israel
Jesse Israel:
Guided Meditation. 
January 12th at 2PM PST / 5PM EST
Anna Brown

Anna Brown:
hrononutrition: Harnessing the power of your biological rhythms for better energy, metabolism, and mood.
January 13 at 1030AM PST / 130PM EST.

Michael Goran

Michael Goran:
Hidden Sources of Sugar in Your Kid's Foods & What You Can Do. 
January 14th at 130PM PST / 430PM EST.

Will Cole

Dr Will Cole:
Sugar’s Effects on Anxiety & Mental Health. 
January 18th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Jennifer Maeng
Jennifer Maeng:
No Added Sugar Cooking Class
January 19th at 2PM PST / 5PM EST.
Dr Christian Gonzalez
Dr Christian Gonzalez:
Sweeteners & Their Impact on Health.
January 20th at 4PM PST / 7PM EST.
Dr Staci Whitman
Dr Staci Whitman:
Sugar & Our Oral Microbiome.

January 21 at 1030AM PST / 130PM EST.

Dani Moravek
Dani Moravek: 
The Connection Between Food & Mood


Caley Alyssa
Caley Alyssa:
Yoga Class
January 26 at 1030AM PST / 130PM EST.
Salia of Holistic Cocktails:
Sweet-Free Sips: No Added Sugar Cocktail Class.
January 27 at 2PM PST / 5PM EST. 


Brand Discounts

It can be so overwhelming to know what to pick when it comes to pre-packaged foods. We've teamed up with some of our favorite good-for-you brands to gift you something special for the challenge!


 Primal Kitchen logo

Who knew sauces & condiments can be such sneaky source of added sugars? Primal Kitchen offers everything from Ranch dressing to No Soy Teriyaki marinades, all minus the added sugar.

Code SOUND20 for 20% off 12/4-1/31.

 Wind Friends logo

A female founded nut butter company, Wild Friends creates products without palm oil and anything artificial. Many of their flavors are sans sugar as well. The BWBK Crunchy is a Sound team favorite!

Code NUTBUTTERLOVER for 15% off 12/6-1/31.

Looking for more marinades & spices to switch up your basic chicken recipe? Grass fed jerky perhaps? The New Primal has delicious, good-for-you options.

Code NEWPRIMAL4U for 15% off 12/6-1/31.

Seaweed is one of the most nutrient dense veggies out there. gimMe roasted sea salt is the perfect snack when you're looking for crunch without the added sugar. They even have nori so you can get crafty in the kitchen!

Code GIMMESOUND25 for 25% off 12/10-1/31.


Did you know that even hot sauces typically have added sugar?! Yellowbird's organic line doesn't. We love the quality of their products & that they use ingredients we can recognize!

Code BYESUGAR20 for 20% off 12/10-1/31.

Who doesn't love a good smoothie?! Many protein powders out there have unrecognizable additives and sugar. Not this one. Made with anywhere from 1-3 ingredients, the BeWellByKelly protein powder is a must!

Code SOUND for $5 off through 12/31!

And of course, we can't forget your go-to unsweetened drink, amirite?! From sunrise to sunset, we've got you.

Code CUT25 for 25% off through 1/31!

No Added Sugar Recipes!

We want to make this easy on you. Below are a few of our team's favorite go-to no added sugar recipes to get you started, each from some incredibly talented people. Bonus: they are pretty much all perfect for leftovers too!



  • Buffalo Chicken Chili
  • BBQ Burgers
  • Four Varieties of Tacos!
  • Chicken Fingers 3 ways, as featured here by holistic nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque
  • Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry
  • Easy Dijon Chicken or Salmon
  • Skillet Tofu with Broccoli & Peppers
  • Portobello + Lentil Kale Salad
  • Rainbow Stir Fry with Ginger Miso
  • Pesto Keto Cauliflower Pizza

    Can't forgot those sides though... 

  • Smashed Potatoes with Garlic Aioli
  • Carrot Fries
  • Snacks

    Sweet Potato Pecan Banana Bread


  • Avocado Mousse, as featured here by Kelly LeVeque
  • Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding




    *Disclaimer: Please speak with your doctor about what food choices are best for you. Although cutting sugar is considered beneficial for health, speak your healthcare professional before making major dietary changes.

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