Spring Cleaning: benefits for your mind, body and soul.

It's that time of year again! You wake up to a sunshiny day and realize the. boots. must. go! Heavy jackets: you're out. Scarves, gloves, winter hats - it's time to box them up and make room for some warm weather attire. Spring cleaning is a real MOOD, and we're here for it. Plus, the benefits are almost endless.



The saying "a cluttered space is a cluttered mind" really rings true here. Studies have shown that when you have lots of 'things' in your visual space, it becomes hard to concentrate on one specific task. Some people are more 'paralyzed' by clutter than others but an expert in the space finds that de-cluttering can invoke a feeling of accomplishment which then allows the individual to feel motivated to be more creative & complete a main project. Not to mention, even 20 minutes of cleaning has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety.



The mental happiness that spring cleaning brings is incredibly refreshing, but that's not all! There are tons of bodily benefits to cleaning out the clutter too.

  • Supports immunity. Did you know that indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air? A few culprits for indoor air pollution include dust, candles, cleaning solutions, and chemicals released from furniture during "off-gasing". Opening windows, using nontoxic cleaning solutions (we love Branch Basics!) and choosing nontoxic furniture when you buy can all be helpful. We also love a good filtration system and recommend taking off your shoes when you enter the home to reduce the amount of dust & germs in the home. *Added bonus, our buddies at Open Spaces have some gorgeous pieces to make organizing that much more exciting (obsessing over their wire & storage baskets!).
  • Can improve allergy symptoms. If you're someone who suffers from allergies, practicing a regular cleaning routine can help!
  • Cleaning = movement & movement is good for the body! We're learning more and more that HIIT / CrossFit style workouts are not synonymous with optimal cardiovascular health. Consistent lighter movement, like walking (and cleaning!) yield heart benefits as well. The key is to be minimize sedentary time as that is what has been linked to disease.
  • Can lead to healthier food choices. Our friends at Parlsey Health noted this interesting study showing that keeping a more orderly physical space helps with other healthy habits, even inclusive of food choices.


Don't know where to start? From all our Home Edit watching, we've gathered that it's important to start small! Take on one little space (ie a 'catch all' drawer in the kitchen) and go from there. Instead of taking a stack of books or toys from one room to another, have a donation bin and trash bag handy so you can remove what doesn't serve you in your home. And if all else fails, we hear that Marie Kondo has some good pointers.

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