Thrive Market Must Haves!

In honor of our recent launch with Thrive Market, we interviewed our beautiful friend and wellness guru, Celeste Thomas about her must-have Thrive finds. Gratefully, our sparkling tea made the list ūüėČ

Q: I know that you've been a fan of Thrive for a while now. Clearly we're big fans too, but I wanted to hear what you love about the platform!

ÔĽŅCTÔĽŅ:¬†I've been obsessed with Thrive Market ever since I heard about it on The Skinny Confidential Podcast two years ago and signed up for membership. Even before I had a baby I've always loathed going to the grocery store and now 10 weeks into motherhood, it's really my least favorite errand. Thrive keeps adding new categories¬†that now allow me to do the majority of my shopping in one place and get such an incredible discount¬†on the higher ticket wellness items I don't want to live without. Especially¬†with the rising food prices, having 20 to sometimes 50 percent off the items¬†we use daily is a game¬†changer. I'm so excited that now Thrive offers Sound, now I can auto subscribe¬†and keep up with my daily Grapefruit and nightly Blueberry habit!



We asked Celeste to share her Top 5 Thrive Market Go-To's here!


Grapefruit Sound Tea

I don't love grapefruit in other drinks but something about the unique combo of citrus with lavender and ginger makes me feel like I'm indulging in a spa day. I'm breastfeeding right now, so it's really important to me to avoid endocrine disrupters. I love that Sound comes in BPA-NI cans and has pure organic ingredients. 






Joi Organic Oat Milk Powder 

This product is my favorite 2022 discovery! So many oat milk products include nasty inflammatory oils, refined sugars, and gums...barf! This product has one ingredient, organic oats, and it magically makes the most delicious creamy oat milk by just adding water.




Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing with Avocado Oil

I eat what I call a big ugly salad everyday for lunch, it's pretty much a catch all for random leftovers and stray veggies! This dressing makes my lunches feel like a nostalgic treat with the added skin boosting benefits of avocado oil! It's also a great dip for all things -- chicken wings, veggies, chips -- you name it! 




Thrive Market Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I'm that girl that loves to finish all of her meats with EVOO. I mean I actually love to drizzle it on everything because the polyphenols of high quality olive oil protect the skin from the aging oxidative stress. I love the Thrive brand because it's so flavorful and the most affordable organic variety I've ever found! 





Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Multi-Collagen Powder

I've been adding this collagen to my daily matcha for YEARS! It combines five collagen sources to create the most bioavailable collagen, that way your skin and joints can really benefit! My nails are so¬†long and thick because of this product that I actually have to cut them every week so I don't poke baby girl ūüėܬ†

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