SOUND was born of a desire for a purer, simpler drink—no sweeteners, no preservatives, nothing more than just what is needed. In a world crowded by noise and artificiality, we went back to the roots with just high quality organic tea and bubbles. Our promise is to create the best tasting beverage, with the highest quality ingredients and the most honest and transparent business practices. That’s it.  

We believe that life can be sweet without added sugar, that bubbles make everything better and that #LessIsEnough

We believe that in order to make a real impact, you have to do more than just make a beverage. In extending our mission beyond what's inside the bottle, we proudly support the non-profit Wellness in the Schools with a portion of our sales and time to help with their fight against childhood obesity.

The Story

The market is flooded with sweetened beverages, and sugar or artificial sweeteners are hiding in almost everything we consume. There’s a reason for that. Sugar is addictive and it makes us buy more and more of the products laden with it. But not everything has to be sweet and maybe we've forgotten that many foods and beverages, in their natural minimal state, are incredibly delicious.

SOUND was born out of necessity. When our co-founder, Tommy Kelly, wanted a refreshing drink that wasn’t sweetened he put his engineering degree to use (wink. wink.) and combined his two favorite beverages: tea and sparkling water. The drink soon caught the attention of his co-worker, and soon to be co-founder, Salim Najjar, and within a few months, the first boxes of unsweetened sparkling tea were on their way to local grocers.



The first batch of SOUND was made in Tommy’s kitchen. After his search for a delicious, yet healthy, sparkling beverage came up short, Tommy began engineering his own beverage and carbonated his unsweetened tea. With a vision to redefine the sugar-laden carbonated beverage landscape, he teamed up with then co-worker, now co-founder, Salim Najjar to launch SOUND in 2015.

Tommy received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Loyola College in Maryland, and worked previously as an engineer in the nuclear power industry. He lives in New York City with his wife, Lauren, loves getting outside as much as possible and is deeply impressed by his own design skills. In his spare time, he can be found running along the West Side Highway, on the basketball court or volunteering with iMentor.  


Salim received his dual BS in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York before taking a job as an engineer. Immediately realizing that cubicle life was not for him, Salim began feeding his entrepreneurial spirit by diving into the real estate market.

In 2014 Salim’s then co-worker and now co-founder, Tommy Kelly, shared a taste of something he’d been brewing in his kitchen—an unsweetened, sparkling tea. It was love at first sip and by early 2015 Salim ditched the cubicle to team up with Tommy to launch SOUND.

Salim lives in New York City and loves traveling whenever he has free time (not that the startup life offers much of that). His hobbies include Bikram yoga, reading and all things SOUND.