No Sugar Week

Welcome to No Added Sugar Week!

This is your go-to guide for questions you may have about No Added Sugar Week. All content here is curated and designed by our on staff Registered Dietitian & Holistic Nutritionist, Lauren.

We’re so excited to be doing this together!

Why no added sugar?

We know that too much sugar creates a state of inflammation in the body. Because inflammation is the root cause of all disease from diabetes to cancer to even your risk of getting more sick from a cold, it’s important to be particularly mindful on how much sugar we’re taking in. Adults are on average consuming 3-4x what is recommended.

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What counts as “added sugar”?

Added sugars usually sneak their way into pre-packaged foods, but are also purely found in ingredients like agave. Added sugar can be guised under many (like over 50!) names. Here are a few common examples: fructose, dextrose, cane sugar, fruit juice and brown sugar.

What about fruit?

It’s all about the portion. Berries are among the highest fiber + lowest sugar fruits, so they can be a great choice. Aim to pair your fruit with protein for better blood sugar balance. See below for more on that!

Tips for Meals & Snacks

The key is balancing blood sugar. Aim to incorporate protein and fiber into all meals & snacks to keep your blood sugar stable, which means more energy + less irritability + less inflammation.

Protein: eggs, fish, chicken, beef, plain Greek yogurt, nuts Fiber: veggies, berries, apple, orange, avocado, ground flax, chia.

Read more on this here!

* Of course, everyone is an individual. Consult your MD & RD to figure out what is the best plan for you.


We have compiled some of our favorite no added sugar recipes from some of the best nutrition experts in the well-being space!

Breakfast Inspo

Cookies & Cream Smoothie

Dessert for breakfast- yes please! Only a handful of ingredients easily thrown together to make a satiating and delicious smoothie that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Egg Tacos

Because sometimes simplest is best. This recipe won’t take more than 5-10 minutes, but it’s full of nutrients that will fuel you through the morning!

Banana Pancakes

Craving something more indulgent but without the sugar hangover?! We gotchu.


great for dinner that night, or lunch the next day!

White Wine & Cherry Tomato Cod

Looks and sounds luxurious, but it’s so simple to make. We recommend serving with a side veg like sauteed broccoli or over a bed of baby kale or spinach which will wilt quickly!

Lasagna Bowls

All the savory, none of the sugar. These make great leftovers too!

STKU Flaunta's

No more than 5-6 ingredents, this one is a MUST. Love Yellowbird Hot Sauce on these bad boys.

Snack Time

Chickpea Tuna Mash

Such a great recipe to have ready to throw together in no time. Plus, because it’s so rich in healthy fats, protein & fiber, you won’t be ravenous come dinner time.

Kale & Lentil Salad

Love a mini meal as a snack. This is great to have around & throw into a bowl when that 3PM slump hits. It’ll hit your salty & crunchy cravings.

When you're craving sweet

Stewed Apples

Minimal ingredients and so savory. Add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt & cinnamon or sprinkle of walnuts for added crunch.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Creamy and indulgent, but without the blood sugar crash. This perfect balance of protein, fiber and healthy fat is not only delish but will keep you satiated for a long time!

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