Flowers for Mental Health

No doubt, spending quality time in nature is incredible for our health. Grounding - or walking with bare feet to the ground - has literally been shown to lower bodily inflammation. It's really quite miraculous when you think about it. Exposure to nature can not only enhance bodily health, but also reduce feelings of depression, stress & even improve recovery outcomes from surgery.

What is comes down to is: being in touch with nature, getting back to the basics of humanity, is healing.


It's no secret that sipping chamomile tea can help induce those relaxed chill vibes, but did you know that simply having flowers present in or around your home or workspace can lower feelings of stress & anxiety? Just four minutes of looking at freshly cut flowers has been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our ability to relax.

When you think about it: historically, what reward does it give you to keep flowers in your home or even include them in your garden? One study looked at this very thing and found that flowers quickly induce positive feelings that can then last even days after the initial exposure. We are following our innate inclination to have flowers around because they help us to feel happy.

During the pandemic, levels of depression and anxiety absolutely increased and that was multifactorial of course but part of the reason was likely due to less time spent in nature. In fact, not surprisingly so, one piece found that a Google search for "flower delivery" doubled from March 2019 to March 2020, exemplifying how flowers can supply that dose of happiness people were craving.


In an urban setting where a garden or outdoor space just isn't a current reality for you?! Bring nature to your fingertips, literally. Keeping flowers within your home or office space has been shown to lift mood & even boost productivity (we're big fans of Horti & The Sill). Win, win.



As a company passionate about letting whole real ingredients shine, we love incorporating tea made from flowers like chamomile & hibiscus into our sparkling waters. Maybe its our own way of following our innate inclination towards nature 😌


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